Bashkia Shkodër

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The Municipality of Shkodra is a local body which was created and operates on the basis of the principle of local autonomy. With the adoption of the law no. 115/2014 “On the Administrative-Territorial Division of Local Government Units in the Republic of Albania”, the Municipality of Shkoder is part of the Shkoder Region and consists of 11 local administrative units.
The city is a political and administrative center as well as an economic and cultural one of northern Albania. One of the main objectives of the Municipality is to support and strengthen the family as the basic cell of society.
For the first time, the Municipality of Shkodra has set up 12 community centers "For the family" spread over 5 districts of the city, in some administrative units, as well as the mobile service in other administrative units.
These centers offer pre-social services such as information, orientation, counseling, family service, psychosocial support, etc., they offer community services such as child protection, economic empowerment for the family, positive parenting programs, after-school classes, health care services, etc.
The Municipality is also operating the Public Youth Center "Atelie", which was initially established within the YES Future project, financed by the IADSA program.

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Address:Rr. “13 Dhjetori”, Nr. 1, 4001 Shkodër, Albania,
Legal representative: Benet Beci, Mayor,

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