Result No 4 – Hold On: Enhance Collaboration and Policy Response

A4 Aims

• Creating fora for knowledge, experience and practices exchange in providing peer mental health support;

• Encouraging youth and professionals working with youth across Europe to share their experiences in establishing peer mental health support groups and learn from others;

• Fostering engagement of key national and EU policy stakeholders in advancing youth mental health and well-being.

The main results of this activity will be:

1. An exchange platform
- In this open to access platform, youth and professionals working to support the mental health of young people will exchange their experiences, best practices and lessons learned in establishing peer mental health support groups.
2. A policy landscape and recommendations
- An e-publication of policy landscape and recommendations of not only EU stakeholders but also stakeholders from the partner countries in the field of youth mental health.
3. Advocacy activities
- Activities like arranging meetings with and writing to policymakers; directing social media posts at policymakers or providing information at public hearings or through written submissions aiming to facilitate discussions between the Youth Mental Health Advocates, the professionals working with youth, and the stakeholders mapped in the HOLD ON Policy Landscape and Recommendations Paper.