Family and childcare center - KMOP Skopje

Short Description

KMOP Skopje is a non-governmental organization with experience in supporting vulnerable people through the implementation of social initiatives, education, research, and provision of social services. KMOP Skopje has extensive experience in national and international projects aimed at improving the quality of social and educational services for children, as well as capacity-building of parents and professionals working with children. KMOP Skopje strives to promote access to resources and opportunities to the community members that enable them to live and develop with dignity, achieve their fullest potential and become active and contributing members of the society.

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Legal Representative

Legal representative: Kristina Vasileska
Address (official): Cvetan Dimov 5, 6330 Struga
Telephone: +38978930144

Contact Person

Kristina Vasileska:
Aleksandra Petkova: