Activity No 2 – Hold On: Youth Capacity-Building

A2 Aims

• Strengthening young people’s knowledge and understanding of the common mental health and wellbeing challenges affecting their peers

• Fostering youth capacities and skills for offering peer mental health and wellbeing support

• Establishing peer support mechanisms for advancing youth mental health and wellbeing

• Supporting exchange of experiences among youth engaged in establishing mental health peer support across the partner countries

The main results of this activity will be:

1. Development of an e-learning course on mental health & well-being topics - Self-paced online course with at least 4 modules of common mental health and well-being challenges.

2. A mentoring programme, to establish peer mental health support -Establish peer support groups (either in person or online) to provide emotional support and mental health education.

3. Youth mental health advocates international conference - An 1-day conference so that mental health advocates can share their experiences in establishing peer mental health support groups.